2015 Annual Report.

We informed, empowered and provoked the minds of Senior High School students in Bunkpurugu Yunyoo in the Northern Region of Ghana this year.

Strategic Highlights

The event took place at the Nakpanduri Pentecost Church in Nakpanduri in the Bunkpurugu Yunyoo District of Ghana on the 11th of July 2015IMG_1745.JPG.

In attendance were some community leaders, 50 participating students from two senior High Schools in the area as well as 7 mentors and 30 volunteers.

It was a daylong mentorship event and we had different sessions all geared towards effectively changing the minds of the participating students.


Operating Highlights

We had three major sessions in the program this year.

1st Informative session

IMG_1983.JPGIn this session our mentor Mr. Prince Akpah a global shaper with the World Economic Forum shared with us information on conflict, its types and how it can be controlled. We explored the benefits and disadvantages of having conflict in one’s community. Although the speaker was not present in person we had a video recording of his presentation and a moderator to handle the interactive discussion of the topic afterwards.

2nd Empowerment Session

Here the students were empowered in a session with Ms. Staceylina Nana Yeye Nortey who holds a Msc in International Development (conflict, security and development) with merit from the University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK.  She spoke on creative ways the students could be initiators and an integral part of conflict resolution in their communities.

This was closely followed by a break out session where mentors from Ghana Think Foundation engaged the students in a group discussion on the topic “HOW TO BE A LEADER IN A CONFLICT PRONE COMMUNITY”. At this point we had a mentor to 10 students in a group and five groups in total exploring ways by which students could act as leaders and proponents of change in their community.

3rd Provoking Session.

In this session Mr. John Bayelma Konlan a third year engineering student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology spoke to the students on what they can do to overcome the circumstances of conflict in their community as well as stay in school. Being a native, Mr. Konlan understood the challenges they face because he faced similar ones and rose above them. Here participants were provoked and encouraged with experiences shared by the speaker to go out there and be better than they came.


The event was as entertaining as it was educative. There was a poetry recital on the objectives of the foundation as well as a drama and dance performance by some of the student on the need for peace in our communities.